Huyen's Workout #8

Moves from my light leg day.

I used more weight than pictured in the video, but still went lighter than usual since I was feeling a bit under the weather. I'm always tempted to go heavier, especially when other people are around. But it's important not to let your ego put you at risk for injury, or in my case- make me sicker. After a solid mini-band warm-up and a tasty post workout meal, this workout left me feeling worked but energized.

Huyen's Workout #7

Quick, High-Intensity Leg Routine!

I've been focusing a lot on regular multi-planar work in my lower body routines. Doing exercises in different movement planes and at various angles is essential to optimally training your muscles- preparing them for your sports or activities of daily life. In this routine, I neglected the transverse plane, but trained in the sagittal and frontal planes (moving side squats). I'll break down this concept more and provide a fully multi-planar workout soon!

Song: Phero Hill - Don't Change


Huyen's Workout #5

Upper Body Chest & Back Supersets

Applied the AskHuyen on Supersets to this Upper Body workout! 

This video would be an example of traditional supersets working opposing muscle groups. If you've been training for a while, you can do compound sets to increase the intensity. Compound sets entails doing two different exercises for the same muscle group consecutively, with little to know rest. See the most recent AskHuyen for more information on Supersets and how to use them if you're a beginner!

🎶➖ @thefewatl x L8KB - Jazz Don't Crash .

Huyen's Workout #4

If I'm ever feeling even the slightest bit under the weather like I was this day, a moderate workout and some echinacea tea are my go-to remedies.

Note: I say "moderate" and "oncoming" sickness, because vigorous exercise when your immune system is already compromised can make you even sicker.

After warming up with Sprints and Duck Walks, I started this lower body circuit by superset-ting Squats and Single Arm Deadlifts, before going into a Single Leg Glute Bridges, Stationary Lunges, and Weighted Squat Jumps.

Song: Batman by Matt Dé Lereaux