3 Themes to Give Your #HealthGoals Longevity Part I: Purpose/Intent

Resolutions come and resolutions go- especially as we get farther away from the night of sparkly dresses, champagne poppin' and countdowns. So instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve identified 3 themes to guide you on your health and wellness journeys.

The themes are:

The two terms for each theme are interrelated. The first term keeps your sights on long-term holistic health, while the second is more training-specific and applicable day to day. I chose these themes based on lessons I’ve learned throughout my journey, and principles that I’ve personally applied. 

Considering the time y'all have and attention spans (no shots fired), this will be a three-part series starting with Purpose/intent.

Why are you using valuable mental space, exerting precious energy, and using limited hours to devote to health in the first place?

At first thought, maybe you signed up for that gym membership because you want to be serious about those abs you’ve been wanting to see in the mirror. Maybe at this point you just want to look great naked or find a boo. While I encourage body positivity and personal validation- these are real goals for people, and it's understandable why.

But ideally, your efforts won't be driven by a mirror, but from within. A purpose that continuously encourages you to be healthy even after you see your abs or talk to the fine guy/girl at the gym.

Some examples would be wanting to thrive and enjoy your daily activities. Having the energy to carry out your purpose in the world. Being more present or engaged when spending time with family.

Once you’ve identified the purpose of your journey, make your actions intentional and targeted towards it. From your general workout program design, to each exercise you perform, to the meals you eat, to how often you leave your desk at work. Have a plan for how you’re going to change up your routines over time to continue making progress. How is your diet and nutrient timing going to make sure you have enough energy? Are you squeezing your butt as you squat for maximal glute activation? Can you get up to take a lap around the office as a break from the deck your working on?

Beginning by setting aside 30mins to an hour for exercise is a start, but also focus on translating that purpose into intent, and be as active as possible in your wellness pursuit.

In our age of social media and gym selfies, it’s easy for our goals to have vain or superficial beginnings. The mirror can undoubtedly contribute to keeping you on track. However, starting with a deeper purpose and being intentional with your energy will keep you on this journey for the long haul.

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