Huyen's Workout #4

If I'm ever feeling even the slightest bit under the weather like I was this day, a moderate workout and some echinacea tea are my go-to remedies.

Note: I say "moderate" and "oncoming" sickness, because vigorous exercise when your immune system is already compromised can make you even sicker.

After warming up with Sprints and Duck Walks, I started this lower body circuit by superset-ting Squats and Single Arm Deadlifts, before going into a Single Leg Glute Bridges, Stationary Lunges, and Weighted Squat Jumps.

Song: Batman by Matt Dé Lereaux

Sister, Sister

You're never too young to learn good form. Plus what better way to bond and mentor my young one then under some barbells? ... Okay we usually bake together- but balance is key.

I taught her two of my core leg day moves: squats and deadlifts.

TIP: We used dumbbells and plates in place of kettlebells- both great alternatives if your gym doesn't provide access to actual kettlebells. Just keep in mind that when using a larger plate, it could be easier to lose control of the plate seeing as the weight is pulling farther away from your body. Make sure you have used at least the same amount of weight in a kettlebell before substituting with a plate. Also ensure that you have an extremely secure grip if you are substituting with a dumbbell, seeing as they were not designed to be swung.

Song: Chill Bill by Rob $tone ft. J.Davis & Spooks