3 Themes to Give Your #HealthGoals Longevity Part II: Love/accountability

Love will have the strongest influence on the longevity of your health journey. Whether it’s love for yourself, love others have for you, or loving aspects of the journey itself- a journey lacking in love will not be an easy or enjoyable one.


How does love translate into accountability? Accountability seems like a cold, punitive concept, but I see it as based on expectations and responsibilities. Love in all of its forms entails both. Wouldn't we all question those who say they love us, but treat us unkindly or do nothing to show it?

The same idea applies to you and your pursuit of wellness. Loving yourself is taking care of your body. A loving friend will be supportive. Loving the journey means doing what you need to do to sustain it. Consistently acting contrary to expectations makes one question if you are being sincere. *Note I say consistently, because we're human and things happen.

In order for any of these forms of love to manifest into long, happy, healthy wellness journey- you should identify your accountability measures. My favorite form comes in human- a workout partner. People who are with you shooting in the gym, or who don’t pressure you into eating another ten cookies when you’ve already had your fill. Friends don't have to be by your side every step of the way; but when they are, notice who gives who a hard time and who wants to see you succeed.

Personal accountability measures include calendars, journals, alarms, sticky notes, or apps that plan your sessions and show you your progress. 

And to make sure that you enjoy your food fuel and the workouts themselves, be diligent with your recovery and vary your routine with new forms of activity and recipes.

With accountability measures, comes progress. With progress and improved health, comes happiness- the end that lots of philosophers say we’re all seeking. For 2017 and beyond, I wish for all of you to find/serve your purpose, engage in copious amounts of self-care, and love without limitation.


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