Plant-Based at Baseball Games

Thought vegans couldn't take part in some of the greatest "joys" of baseball games? That is, biting into a warm and salty protein sandwiched between white bread and wrapped in foil on a hot summer day?

Well you thought wrong! Did y'all know the new SunTrust Stadium in Atlanta offers vegan hot dogs, sausages, and burgers?

I didn't!

That's why when my brother and I came to watch the Atlanta Braves play the New York Mets at the new SunTrust Stadium, I was extra by some standards, and brought this incredible "Mandingo Style" Yoshi Wrap from Tassili's Raw Reality.

If I had given the stadium more credit and checked out the Stadium menu beforehand, I would've seen that there are a solid number of vegetarian options that will make plant-based fans feel just as "All-American" as the next- with hot dogs, sausages, and burgers that has confirmed as vegan!

PETA put together a handy list of Plant-based Friendly Ballparks. Don't worry if your city isn't included. Atlanta's SunTrust Park may have been too new to be on the radar at the time, so my hometown wasn't included either. While I don't regret the fresh deliciousness that was my veggie burrito- my fellow fans weren't fond of the seaweed wrap. At the end of the day, I will do me and you should do you. If you're not a fan of processed foods anyway- many ballparks let you bring in your own food! Otherwise- check your local stadium's menu to see if they also have plant-based versions of the classics.

My brother and I being derpy on the bus-ride to the park.

My brother and I being derpy on the bus-ride to the park.