Vegreen Vegetarian Restaurant

The new restaurant's soft opening seems successful, with every spotless and well-lit table filled on a rainy Sunday evening. 

The hosts were super hospitable- looking after the kids I was babysitting while I parked the car. While my table service wasn't great, I'll attribute that to my broke-teenager-like appearance (augmented by my toddler dates). Speaking of dates- this would not be the restaurant to use to catfish someone. After taking in the bright white walls, delicate light ornaments, minimal floral fixtures, and feel good scripts- the ambiance lets your food and your company shine center stage. 

The "Korean Mixed Green Soup Noodle" tasted fresh and savory with a pleasant gingery bite, with imitation shrimp, scallop, and squid that convinced even my very carnivorous kid brother. One of the ladies running tables gave us the check early didn't ask if we needed anything or wanted dessert- but the kids loved the Vegetable Dumplings so much that we ordered another plate of them anyway. The experience ended on a high note as the hosting staff very happily kept an eye on my little ones until I pulled the car around. My picky little brother made sure to ask: "Can we come back to eat here?", and I very smugly responded "We will ask Daddy," before blowing his mind about the lack of animal in his soup that night.

A good friend of mine also recommended the Noodles in Soy Bean Sauce.


Update: I returned and had a delicious "Crab" Sushi Roll. Once again the hosts were genuinely friendly and kind- chatting it up with my mom and helping her with the door while I pulled the car around.