Exploring Pole Fitness at SF Dance & Pole

When you’re all about fitness and exploration- you don’t turn down an invite from the owner of SF Fitness and Pole asking you to come try the class. The bruises the balanced out by the pride of completing a front hook spin going into a back hook spin- and appreciation for the athleticism of our instructor Max, aka Climax, who added a boot camp flare to the class. 

If you come to  Maxine’s Intro to Pole class, don’t be late because that was definitely Chantal doing a burpee for every minute she was not on time.

I had been to pole classes in Atlanta before, that were largely choreography based, and required choosing a stripper name before beginning the lesson. Climax on the other hand, had us do stripper push ups, ab exercises, stretches, and some body rolls (to get us in the mood) before starting.

The facility made great use of its space, with about 10 poles for us to use, some large rings for their Lyra class, and a private room where some lady was tearing.it. UP! Since there were more than 10 of us, a couple of us doubled-up at the same pole. Climax would walk us through the steps of a move.

Coming in with shin splints, I struggled a bit wrapping my leg around to grip the pole, and definitely ended up with bruising on my shin and foot. Neither Ana or Chanti had bruises any where near as painful, so I suspect my technique or shin splints were to blame.


Overall, I had a fun experience, and really appreciate Amy for reaching out! I'd love to return for a class reminiscent of the ones I did in Atlanta. Booty and Boudior perhaps?

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