Red Rock Canyon

Overdue photos from our Red Rock Canyon Climb; Corny Reflections on the Adventure; and a Call to Action to Have Your Own (National Parks Week - Free Entry!)

Even planned adventures will be unpredictable. Have your expectations ever truly been met 100%? That's what makes an adventure what it is, though, right? That's why I should've known better than to expect a casual stroll through some scenic geological structures, laughing at Rahkeen's jokes, munching on goji berries. Instead I ended up scaling the entire face of a canyon... laughing at Rahkeen's jokes, and munching on goji berries. 

The power of the mind on a mission. Whether I'm telling myself I'm going to do 10 sprints, or run 5 miles- it's hard to stop at 5 sprints or 2.5 miles, because I know where the finish line is, and I'm already halfway there.

*The same applied on this hike, except I just thought I was halfway there. 

The first time Rahkeen asked if I wanted to stop, I took a glimpse of the canyon peak and said- "Let's get to the top!" Each time he asked me again, I'd look up and say- "It's right there!"

Now after the many times I had to reassure us both that, "We're so close! ...Right?", I realized that we weren't as close as I thought we were. But, the mere sight of my end goal and the thought of wasting the progress I'd made (we can talk sunk costs another time)- kept me going. I've always considered myself mission-driven, and this climb felt like an example of that trait manifesting itself. It's also not as cool a story to say you that you climbed half a mountain.

My "I think I need to take another route face."

My "I think I need to take another route face."

Comfort in being a leader and follower.  It's straightforward, but often people have more knowledge and experience than you, and those are instances when you shouldn't feel obligated to assert yourself as a leader, and be a learner instead.  Rahkeen had more experience and knowledge about climbing, so I was comfortable following his lead... for the most part (see photo above). 

Other times your leadership skills are needed to keep the journey going, i.e. My competitiveness made us keep continue when Rahkeen was ready to sit down and eat goji berries.

The view is always better when you earn it. The view is technically the same for a person who's able to pay for an easy way to get to the top, versus a person who had to take a hard climb. We see the same red rocks and blue sky. But in the same way TV parents say "you have to earn your own money before you can understand the value of a dollar", working hard to get to the top makes you feel more inclined to take in every detail of the beauty of that view you've earned the privilege of seeing. It makes you want to immerse yourself into the present moment that was made possible by a difficult journey- making your reds more vibrant and your blues more brilliant.

Before, During, and After replenishing with snacks Goji Berries.

Presence and gratitude.Being thousands of miles away from your responsibilities doesn't make them go away, but they can't be weighing on you 24/7 either. I had to be reminded, and continuously remind myself to just be there and appreciate where I was. "Be at, where ya feet at".

Similar to work out rest days, moments of meditation provide mental rejuvenation. Your mental health is key to you tending to those responsibilities and your own wellbeing. 

You don't have to take a road trip to have your own adventure! It is Part II of National Parks Week- so do take advantage of the free entry if you can get to one. Otherwise- adventures are what you make them, so try something new or get to know someone new!