8 Week Program

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8 Week Program


Have access to a gym but need some guidance to reach your goals? My digital program includes:

  • 8 weeks worth of HIIT/weight training routines
  • 40+ different exercises
  • Instructional Videos
  • 30min-1hr routines
  • Direct Access to Huyen for Questions & Feedback

Check Out What Participants Say About the Program!

"This program was awesome for many reasons! First, it made me more confident about being in the gym, especially during times when the weights section is filled with only guys, because it taught me many solid workouts I can do to avoid just bumbling around trying to figure out a plan. Second, it has given me a lot of ideas for combinations of things I can do to keep up the regular gym life. Third, it helped a lot with my plan of losing weight. I'm trying to lose around 15-20 pounds, and throughout the 8 weeks, I was able to almost shave off 10 lbs. I'm still working at it, but I definitely noticed positive changes during the program, like more definition in my arms and stomach."


"I lost 8 lbs, gained definition in my arms and felt motivated the entire time. I was telling everyone about this program" 


"This program is definitely worth it and this price isn't bad for a program like this. It's not a program I would quit because it gives me flexibility. This trail let me choose how heavy I wanted to go on weights or how fast I wanted to get through the workout. I also have a pretty nice gym with all the equipment I need, so I'm more likely to value the program and not quit."




"I would definitely keep continuing. I saw drastic results in those 8 weeks and I have continued to stay active since. In the middle of the trial, I decided to start training for a marathon and trained simultaneously for the remainder of the trial. I look back to the workouts in the program for inspiration for my personal workouts I create!"

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