Through Group Fitness or Personal Training- these "Huyen-ners" tell you how they really feel after working with Huyen.

Huyen’s class had the highest response rate- all positive reviews... We’re trying to figure out her secret sauce.
— Emory University Fitness
"Huyen will not allow you to fail, she will not allow you to make excuses as to why you cannot do a particular exercise. She will find a way for you to get your workout on while encouraging you to push yourself that much farther. She is able to do buddy sessions just as well as she does single sessions, no one goes home feeling neglected. Your body will know Huyen was there. " 

- Tracy Gresham

(I saw) 18-20 pound weight loss, decreased body fat, increased muscle tone (firmness).
I’ve noticed my arms are stronger. I’ve noticed I can and do want to do the exercises she gives me. I also see a flatter stomach and abs/core.
"I like how Huyen pushed me. She showed me that I can push myself more than i thought I could."

- Jackie Costello

I noticed my clothes fit much better, I have lost inches, and some pounds along the way. I have become more flexible, my muscles aren’t as stiff and I am able to work out for a longer duration. Exercises that I struggled with in the beginning are now being done quicker and more controlled.